Look Development

Look development decides the final product of the production, mainly focusing on how it looks at the end. This is an exploratory process through which the asset selected, undergoes a series of iterations for the selection of the texture, shades, colours, atmosphere and Lightening etc. In each iteration, a specific pattern is applied to the object by considering all factors to see the look and again this is developed in next iteration with modifications based on the feedback from the director and the process continues until it gets accepted by the main director of the project. Look Development Artist uses a variety of methods and renderers to satisfy a production's creative needs. Look development is applicable for both 2D and 3D which differs in the dimensional perspective. The selection depends upon the need of the project, where the same approach is followed. Creation of 2D requires more attention as this the former for 3D. The artist is responsible to try out different versions of the object by exploring many factors involving shades, colours, lights and so on to get matched with the story. The achievement relies on the overall look which should be self-explanatory. Different looks for the same object can convey a different meaning. The course is more suitable for students who have great imagination power and skill set to choose the right combination. Great opportunities are discovered for the area as this makes the outcome of any production fruitful.

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